Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back to Blogging...

Dear Diary (aka LBG Blog),

I am so sorry I haven't written is so long. OMG, I need to fill you in on what's up. I like have so much to tell you...
(Don't most diary entries seem to start something like that!?) Well, here's the 411 on Vegas!

The Las Vegas jewelry trade shows came and went as quicker than I could say "What happens in Vegas..." Almost like the "Hangover" but with more jewelry and less tigers.

Laurie Hudson, principal and Queen of LBG, (I guess that makes me the duchess!?) did a presentation on "Understanding How to Market to Generation X & Y Consumers." With over 60 jeweler professionals in attendance, Laurie filled the room with humor, interesting ideas & concepts, and of course, her infamous Laurie-isms!

Read what JCK Magazine had to say about it:

Although the JCK and Couture shows were noticeably lighter in exhibitors, advertisers, parties and overall people, it still was a great opportunity for LBG's designers to launch new collections and sell merchandise. Surprisingly, retailers were buying...conservatively, though. None-the-less they were still purchasing.

My feet have finally heeled from five long Vegas days of standing, booth-to-booth walking, heel-wearing and party and club dancing. I'm glad to be back, but it was great to see everyone!

More to come...


Jewelry Girl