Thursday, June 30, 2011

Charriol Seen In Nordstrom Catalog And Capitol File Magazine

If you're a regular Nordstrom customer you've probably already seen this but for those of you who haven't, click on the picture above for a scan of page 2C of their catalog. Charriol's 'Station' bracelets are featured in this beautiful display. 'Station' bracelets can be had in white gold, yellow PVD, black PVD and stainless steel along with several diamonds adorning.

In other Charriol news, the large Columbus Tonneau watch can be found in the pages of Capitol File. Click on the picture below to see more detail.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zooey Magazine: Sophia Bush Wears Tiffany Chou

We showed you the video last week, but today we can show you the scan of the pages of Zooey graced by miss Sophia Bush. In this shot, Sophia is wearing Tiffany Chou's "Adella In Opal nO. 01" which you can get right now on her website.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nick Cannon Wears Christian Tse To BET Awards 2011

America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon was spotted at the BET Awards this past weekend rocking a Christian Tse prismatic time piece. Nick has been wearing Christian Tse watches a number of times throughout the past year on his show and around town. Good choice Nick, we like your style.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

10x: Ribbon necklaces lock in a cause

Have a look at DeLatori's Lockets for a Cause which were just covered by National Jeweler on the 10x Blog.

10x: Ribbon necklaces lock in a cause

Zooey: Sophia Bush Wears Tiffany Chou

Usually we get some great photos of great jewelry being worn in magazines but today we have an extra special placement to share with you. Sophia Bush is gracing the cover of Zooey magazine and they've uploaded a video to Youtube of the photo shoot. Be on the lookout for Tiffany Chou's jewelry!

Tamera Mowry Wears Erica Courtney At Her Wedding

Tamera Mowry wore a pair of Erica Courtney earrings and an Erica Courtney necklace during her wedding to FOX news correspondant, Adam Housley. National Jeweler's 10x Blog covered the story in its Celebrity Jewelry Gawk column late last week. Looks like this fabulous wedding was made even better by these Drop Dead Gorgeous jewels.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

American Fashion Travel Book: Erica Courtney

Check out this extremely touching story Erica Courtney shared with American Fashion Travel Book. Here's the text to go along with the image:
My fondest travel memory. Travel memories are treasure chests bursting with jewels of happiness! Once when my son was almost six, we were walking along the beach in Florida, and he found a little stick and asked me to stop. He started writing something in the sand -- he was having a difficult time, but finally he looked up and smiled. It wasn't spelled exactly right, but it said, "Happy Valentine's Day." It was Valentine's Day, 1984. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Audrey Online: You Are My Sunshine

Audrey magazine recently featured Evelyn H's current project, Forever Sunshine, on their website. In partnership with the American Cancer society, these pieces designed by Evelyn can be found at 90% of net proceeds are given to the American Cancer Society so check out the site and pick up some great jewelry for a good cause.

Christian Tse Zultanite Watches Debut At JCK

Sorry about the blurry picture. Our hands were shaking with excitement upon viewing these two master pieces by Christian Tse. Each watch features MANY Zultanite baguettes on their face and are one of a kind pieces. Christian himself showed us these time pieces and it was the first time we got to see them in person.

So far we've seen the color changing Zultanite gemstone featured in earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches and pins. Now, watches have been added to the growing list of jewelry utilizing this versatile stone. Who better than Christian Tse to have used this rare stone in his watches?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Have You Tried A Zultanite Cocktail?

Actually, there are three Zultanite cocktails! First appearing at the launch party for Stephen Webster's Zultanite collection, these cocktails were quickly gulped down and enjoyed by party guests.

Inspired by the uniqueness of Zultanite’s colour transformations depending on its
surrounding light, this cocktail showcases three of the gem’s distinctive hues;
sunlight (DAY), indoors (NOON) and candlelight (NIGHT). With a core inspired by
the European jet-setting summer thirst quencher, ‘the spritz’ is suitable for both
sexes, all ages.

Want to make your own? Here's how you do it...

Day (Green)
140 ml White Wine, Chardonnay
15 ml premium vodka
15 ml premium apple sugar e.g. Monin
60 ml sparkling mineral water
10 cubes of Kiwi
1 spray Elderflower Cordial

Noon (Yellow)

140 ml White Wine, Chardonnay
15 ml Super Premium Vodka
15 ml Premium Vanilla Syrup e.g. Monin
60 ml Sparkling Mineral Water
10 cubes Watermelon (Yellow)
1 spray Orange Blossom Water

Night (Red)

140 ml Rosé Wine
15 ml Super Premium Vodka
15 ml Premium Violet Syrup e.g. Monin
60 ml Sparkling Mineral Water
10 cubes Watermelon (Pink)
1 spray Rosewater

Zultanite can display several more shades and colors, making it an incredibly rare and unique gemstone. However, we think these three colors and flavors will get the job done in representing this gemstone well.


Friday, June 17, 2011

Erica Courtney Wins WJA 2011 Diva Awards Competition

The winner of this year's WJA Diva Awards competition is Erica Courtney with her Helen Bracelet. Erica created this special clasp at the center of the piece while her mother's jewelry made up the bracelet potion of the piece. This year's competition theme was renewable, reusable or green designs. Erica's repurposing of her mother's jewelry is such a creative way of designing a jewelry piece that its no wonder she was awarded the top award.

Along with a trophy, Erica Courtney was presented with $750 which she gave right back to WJA for their use. Even before the award was announced, this piece was generating buzz. After the award was given, the Helen bracelet became the talk of Las Vegas during the recent trade shows and it continues to make headlines.

Congratulations to Erica Courtney for winning this year's WJA Diva design competition award.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

National Jeweler: Among Couture Designers, 'Z' is For Zultanite

Zultanite color changing stones and the designers who are inspired by them were the talk of the town this year in Las Vegas for the annual jewelry trade shows. Couture was buzzing with intrigue about this relatively new gemstone and National Jeweler picked up on the story.

Stephen Webster launched his brand new Zultanite collection at a spectacular party at Haze nightclub in the Aria hotel. The earrings pictured above are part of a collection including a ring and a necklace featuring the over-the-top 96 carat Zultanite stone dubbed the "Sultan's Shield."

The full article on National Jeweler also has pictures of pieces by Daniel Gibbings, Erica Courtney, John Buechner, and Rhonda Faber Green. Rhonda's ring was awarded Honorable Mention at the WJA 2011 Diva Awards during the show.

The news about Zultanite continues to grow even after the show and this National Jeweler article captures some of the highlights in an awesome way.

Rhonda Faber Green Wins Honorable Mention At WJA Awards 2011

Rhonda Faber Green's incredible Juliet Flower ring featuring over 19 carats of Zultanite in the center won honorable mention at WJA's 2011 Diva Awards. The flower ring also contains 3.54 carats of diamonds and color changing garnet accents. But of course the true color changing star (or stone, actually) of this ring is Zultanite!

Zultanite changes color as lighting conditions change. In sunlight you'll see a kiwi green while in candlelight, a rosy red comes through. On some occasions, mixed light will make all of Zultanite's possible colors pop out in an amazing display of color changing goodness.

Congratulations to Rhonda Faber Green for designing such a wonderful piece and being honored by the WJA this year.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daniel Gibbings Launches Zultanite Collection at Couture 2011

WHOA! Check out that Zultanite necklace by Daniel Gibbings. This piece is incredibly unique and is quite fitting given how unique Zultanite is. The necklace goes one step further with the individually cut Zultanite beads along the neck.

This wasn't Daniel's only Zultanite piece of course. He had a full collection of Zultanite jewelry including rings and a bracelet to match the necklace seen above. You can see pictures of the Daniel Gibbings Zultanite earrings and ring on his Couture Show Planner page.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Audrey 2011: Christian Tse & Tiffany Chou

We're a big fan of Audrey here in the LBG offices. Their magazine is always gorgeous and even their paper is good quality! More importantly, they have good taste in jewelry. The latest issue of Audrey is out on the stands now their Audrey Style: Focus section has a great little octopus ring by Christian Tse perched right on top of the page. They've also got Tiffany Chou's One The Rocks bangle on the page. This piece has been quite popular with savvy customers.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ostbye's 2011 JCK Booth: Bursting At The Seams

JCK was certainly a different show this year. With a venue change over to the Mandalay Bay at the opposite end of the strip, almost everything we knew about the show was turned upside down. Midwest jewelry manufacturer Ostbye took full advantage of the venue change and upbeat feelings at the show. Ostbye boldly debuted many additions to existing collections as well as some brand new product seen for the first time at JCK.

Ostbye's Diva Diamonds has been a popular staple for many retailers across the country so Ostbye decided to expand the line by adding Diva Diamonds. This collection caught attention with their cute pink boxes and wonderful little designs.

Ostbye's Amore & Baci line of bead and charm jewelry recently released these awesome watches featuring removable faces and a strong rubber strap. Visitors to the book marveled at the versatility of these watches and were drawn to them by their bold colors.
Ostbye recently became the US distributor for Brosway the Italian fine jewelry company. As this was a last minute development, Brosway stayed in the booth they had reserved in Vicenzaoro (Italian Club) section of the show. Brosway's fun fashion pieces are a great addition to the Ostbye lineup and proved quite popular with guests (and us).

Every time we dropped by Ostbye's booth the showcase counters were jam packed with people browsing and asking questions. The sales team all donned matching shirts making it easy for visitors to know they were talking to the professional team at Ostbye. And best of all, every member of the Ostbye team is an all around nice person that's fun to be around. Evidence of their personable attitude was seen in the countless customers we saw who arrived with big smiles on their faces upon seeing Ostbye's booth.

Overall, this was a great show for Ostbye and a great show for those of us who wanted to see their ever increasing line up of jewelry collections.

Couture Diamond Dollars Mystery Solved!

Did you find one? Maybe it slipped out of a Couture show program or perhaps you found it on a coffee table. Some of you may have found one slipped under your door. At Couture this year, mystery diamond dollars were spotted all over the show.

It turns out, these dollars are true pieces of art by famous street artist Free Humanity. Each bill was cleverly places throughout the show floor and discovered by curious show guests. As it turns out, jewelry designer Erica Courtney was responsible for bringing Free Humanity's art to the show in true street art style. Each bill is stamped with Live + Love Life which plays into the fun giveaway that this turned in to. Along with the diamond illustration and stamp, Free Humanity personally signed each bill. If you received one, congratulations!

Zultanite Wows Jewelry Designers & Buyers

This past week the jewelry world descended on Las Vegas for the annual pilgrimage to this industry's largest US trade shows. JCK and Couture are so big they need their own giant sized convention and ballroom spaces to showcase the jewelry from thousands of exhibitors. Often, these shows are marked by a handful of stories buzzing around the conventions floors. This year, Zultanite was a huge topic of discussion helped in large part by a 96 carat Zultanite stone called the Sultan's Shield. This incredible stone is the center piece of Stephen's latest suite of jewelry featuring Zultanite stones.

To debut this collection, Stephen Webster and Zultanite teamed up to throw a fantastic party at Haze nightclub in the Aria. The Band of Skulls was on hand to provide a rockin' welcome to this amazing suite of jewels. Around 250 guests snacked on delicious food, drank custom Zultanite cocktails, and marveled at Stephen's creation.

Over at John Buechner's booth in JCK, Luxury Brand Group got a first look at the completed Zultanite necklace and ring. In this picture you can actually see how the mixed light is creating several different colors to reflect out of the Zultanite stones. These pieces are fantastic.

Also at JCK, Gavin Linsell, Marketing Director for Zultanite, presented the Mine To Market story of Zultanite with in-depth explanations of the stone's unique physical properties. Of particular interest to the attendees are the ethical and sustainable methods of mining Zultanite along with its absolute rarity. Jewelry designer Evelyn H was gracious enough to come to the presentation and bring along her fantastic men's ring featuring a 12 carat Zultanite stone. Guests were given the opportunity to get an up close look at the piece and see first hand how changing light conditions elicit the color changing properties of Zultanite.

In just under a year, Zultanite has become a favorite stone of top designers like Christian Tse, Rhonda Faber Green, Erica Courtney and Daniel Gibbings. All featured Zultanite jewelry at their booths at Couture and JCK this year. Pictured above are Christian Tse's fantastic Zultanite earrings, ring, and prismatic watches. Each watch contains many specially cut Zultanite baguettes for the face.

For more information on Zultanite please visit their website or contact us by email. You can also post up comments on this post below.