Monday, March 30, 2009

We dont just love jewelry...


Want to get smooth skin without breaking the bank? I know I sure do! So, I am going to test out this homemade spa treatment that will probably cost no more than a couple of dollars versus hundreds! See we aren't all about luxury here! We love the economic-friendly things too!

Running in Heals is making me want to run away!

Okay Style Network... Listen up. We love Marie Claire. We love reality. We love Fashion, and we love you. BUT... we do not love DRAMA. Please stop focusing on the interns drama and get back to what we love! THE STYLE!

Give us more of Zoe's photo shoots, trips to Fashion Week in Brazil, new designers, events with designers like Roberto Cavalli and all the other things that make our fashionista's heart pound.

Really, naming a whole episode, "Intern Wars" is a little too much.
This isn't MTV.

A look through the lens

We know a great photographer who blows us away
every time we use him and every time we see his work!

His name is Wallis... Jason Wallis.
(that was my bond impersonation in case you missed it...)

Check out his website at
and his awesome blog, www.

(from taken by Jason Wallis)

Goodbye my friend...

It's official... Lipstick Jungle got the boot.
(this is where you begin hearing sobbing, screaming, and yelling)

Hopefully you remember my post about how much LBG loves the show because of the great taste in jewelry, clothes and accessories! Although we still have our Gossip Girl, our fashion inspiration will never be the same again.

R.I.P Lipstick Jungle

And the winners are...

The Jewelers Choice Award winners were just announced in the JCK March issue and there are some amazing pieces! There were a couple of things that made me jump out of my socks! Seeing pieces like these refresh my love for jewelry! Keep it going designers!

LBG's Top Picks:

1st. Best Bridal Design- Michael M.

2nd. Best Earring Design- Supreme Jewelry

3rd. Colored Diamond Jewelry- Sylva & Cie

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some Valentines Day Cheer!

Due to the lackluster economy, Michael M. and Bridal Rings Company, wanted to bring smiles to the faces of a couple in need of a bridal ring. Peter Meksian and his father Michael Meksian, owners and designers of the award-winning fine jewelry brand Michael M., partnered with the top-rated radio station, with over 3.5 million listeners, and retailer Bridal Rings Company, to give away a 1.21 total weight diamond ring, set in 18 karat white gold, with a center diamond of .75 carats graded G color, VS2 clarity. The spectacular ring is valued at over $10,000.

The winner, Tracy Bennett, was presented the ring on Friday, February 13th at Bridal Rings Company. With family and friends in tow and ready to celebrate, Tracy was romantically proposed to by boyfriend Frank

KIIS-FM listeners logged onto and entered keyword “diamond.” They filled out an entry form on why they deserved to win. Thousands of heartwarming stories were received by the radio station. After days of deliberation, a young couple from La Mirada, CA was chosen. Tracy Bennett, age 27, an evaluator for an educational non-profit called, THINK Together in Santa Ana, CA., and her boyfriend, Frank Arroyo, age 31, a 7th grade PE & Health teacher at Willard Intermediate also located in Santa Ana, were chosen as the winners.

The couple of over two years met while teaching together at Willard Intermediate. Last spring the couple became engaged and within a week of the proposal, Frank received a letter, along with thousands of other teachers statewide, that his teaching spot may be cut because of educational budget cuts. Tracy also received disappointing news; her position was officially eliminated as of June 2008. With the tough financial circumstances that suddenly ensued, the couple felt it was not the right time to celebrate being engaged, as they were unsure as to where they would be living, let alone working. They mutually decided to postpone the proposal, and return the ring, until they could afford it. Tracy decided to enter the KIIS-FM “Ring in the New Year” contest, on a total whim, never imagining that she would win. In her entry she wrote, “This ring would prove to me that sacrifices made for love actually pay off.” Upon finding out that she was the winner over the phone, Tracy cried with excitement and disbelief, “When we spoke about sacrifice in our entry we were referring to being unable to move forward due to financial constraints. It was a contradiction of sorts because even though we felt ready, deep down we knew it just didn’t seem completely right. We wanted to be able to enjoy our engagement. And now we can!”

Peter Meksian, of Michael M. said, “Bridal Rings Company and the entire Michael M. team feel so joyful and honored to help this touching couple.” Peter continued, “Providing this ring is an emblem of love, and the beginning of a new life for Tracy and Frank. Their story really changed my perspective: I realized it goes much more beyond just a ring.”

Thank you KIIS FM, Michael M and The Bridal Rings Company!