Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Powering Through The Holiday Lull

Its pretty quiet out there right now. The morning commute is a bit quicker with less cars on the road. Phones aren't ringing as often as they usually do. Long vacations and much needed rest are the only things on some people's minds right now. We believe in taking time for yourself and being with your family and we've been doing that during this holiday season. However we're also still working.

Chris Brogan recently blogged about this time of year and how it can be used to bring things together and set a person up to start the new year in great shape. Here at Luxury Brand Group we're wrapping up some great projects and beginning the motions for programs in the new year. Productivity is high right now and there are some exciting things coming up real soon that we can't wait to share with you.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

NJ StyleFile: Engaged to hue | National Jeweler

National Jeweler added another post to their NJ StyleFile recently featuring some great colored stone jewelry.

If you check out their site you can see a 14-karat yellow and white gold ring with garnet center and diamond accents by Ostbye.  You will also find an 18-karat white gold ring with aquamarine center and sides stones with pave diamonds.  Two really great pieces from Ostbye and Christian Tse.

Ostbye garnet gold ringChristian Tse aquamarine gold ring
Left: Ostbye, Right: Christian Tse

NJ StyleFile: Engaged to hue | National Jeweler

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

evelynH Jewelry Cometes Cuff seen on Skating With The Stars

Laurie Ann Gibson Skating With The Stars

The evelynH Jewelry Cometes Cuff with Tahitian Pearls was worn on Skating With The Stars last night by judge Laurie Ann Gibson.  In 2007 evelynH Jewelry won the North American Tahitian Pearl trophy for this piece and it has been popular ever since.  The cuff is 18K white gold with Tahitian pearls, diamonds and sapphires.

iDazzle says Tiffany Chou's clam necklace is a Gift Obsession

iDazzle has Tiffany Chou's clam necklace listed as a gift obsession on their website right now.  At just $45 this is a fun and affordable piece of jewelry to gift or keep for yourself.

iDazzle Tiffany Chou

Christian Tse Radiance timepiece in Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

In the latest Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine with Annalynne McCord on the cover, you can find a big beautiful photograph along with details of a Christian Tse Radiance watch.  Check out the online Beverly Hills Lifestyle and turn to page 73 for the spread.

Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine Christian Tse

Ostbye men's jewelry in December InStore

In the latest issue of InStore you will find a great picture of Ostbye's stainless steel men's necklace.

InStore Ostbye Stainless Steel Necklace

JCK: Erica Courtney's Zultanite Expedition

JCK recently reported on jewelry designer Erica Courtney's visit to Turkey where the only Zultanite® mine in the world can be found.  Zultanite is a diaspore, or color-changing, stone that is making waves in the jewelry industry.  Read more on JCK's blog about Erica's Zultanite visit.

Erica Courtney Zultanite Ring

Audrey Magazine TGIFree Friday with Tiffany Chou

The Audrey Magazine TGIFree Friday Giveaway is featuring Tiffany Chou jewelry and the promotion is still going.  Check out their page for more details.

Tiffany Chou clam necklace

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

JIC features Christian Tse Sliced Gemstones in recent media tour

The Jewelry Information Center recently went on a media tour with local NBC affiliates discussing the hot trends in fall jewelry fashion. Helena Krodel and Amanda Gizzi gave a great rundown of the latest looks this season. Large gemstone fashion rings and large pendants are a big hit lately and the featured Christian Tse's Sliced Gemstones in these videos below.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vampd Magazine anniversary issue has Christian Tse jewelry inside

Christian Tse bangle and earrings
Vampd Magazine
Vampd Magazine has a gorgeous new anniversary issue available now allowing users to flip through the pages digitally on their site.  Inside you can find two great placements of Christian Tse jewelry.  In the screenshot above (click to enlarge) you'll find their great bangles on the left and yellow gold earrings on the right. adds Christian Tse watches to its Bridal Planning Tips section

Christian Tse watches on added Christian Tse watches to its Bridal Planning Tips section last week.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christian Tse Radiance watch in Audrey Magazine

Christian Tse watch Audrey Magazine

In the Winter 2010/2011 issue of Audrey magazine you can find one of Christian Tse's Radiance watches in the "Audrey Style" section.  Their focus in this segment is Art Deco inspired designs and you can really see the influence in this watch.  

Amore & Baci begins 'Bead of The Week' on Facebook

Amore & Baci Facebook
The Amore & Baci Facebook fan page has started posting pictures from its vast product lineup on a weekly basis.  Visitors are also encouraged to post pictures of their jewelry and the creations they've come up with using Amore & Baci beads and jewelry.  If you aren't already a fan, check it out.

Amore & Baci beads and jewelry are made in Italy and are of great quality.  Amore & Baci in the United States is distributed exclusively through Ostbye through a growing number of its retail partners.  For more information check out the Ostbye website and 'like' the Amore & Baci Facebook fan page.

Ostbye, Christian Tse and Michelle Valadon in Engagement 101 Magazine

Engagement 101 Magazine

In the latest issue of Engagement 101 Magazine, Ostbye, Christian Tse could be found throughout the pages.  Michelle Valadon's 'Lady Lace' earrings made the cover of this issue.

Ostbye Engagement Ring

Christian Tse Bracelet
Christian Tse

Christian Tse Engagement Ring
Christian Tse

Christian Tse Engagement Ring
Christian Tse

Engagement 101 Cover
Michelle Valadon

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Skating With The Stars decked out in fantastic jewelry

Johnny Weir Christian Tse Watch
Last night ABC's Skating With The Stars was full of amazing jewelry from some of our favorite designers.  Judge Johnny Weir wore a 'Radiance' Chronometer watch by Christian Tse.  Johnny liked the watch so much that he tweeted about it after the show.  As you can see in the picture we've posted, it matched his outfit perfectly.

One of Johnny's fellow judges, Laurie Ann Gibson wore two rings on one hand by two fabulous designers.  Laurie wore the Michelle Valadon 'Kitty at Play' ring which can be found on her website.  In addition to that, she also wore Evelyn H's Carousel ring.  How one hand could handle so much beauty we still can't fathom.  Have a look at the pictures of Laurie which call out each ring.

Laurie Ann Gibson Michelle Valadon Ring
Michelle Valadon - 'Kitty at Play' Ring

Laurie Ann Gibson evelynH Jewelry ring
Evelyn H - Carousel Ring

JIC adds three Ostbye pieces to its consumer design gallery

Ostbye JIC Design Gallery
The Jewelry Information Center recently added three product shots of Ostbye engagement rings and wedding bands to its consumer design gallery.  Visitors to the site are able to view an image of the pieces, send them to a friend via email, give each piece a vote, and add it to a wish list.

Popularity of Michelle Valadon Burlesque inspired jewelry continues

Michelle Valadon Pendant
Michelle Valadon's collection of jewelry inspired by the movie Burlesque, staring Cher and Christina Aguilera, is popular in the press these days.  Check out JCK Online's article about jewelry that fits well with the movie where they talk about Michelle's pendant.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Evelyn H Squared Ring on Skating With The Stars and Dancing With The Stars

Laurie Ann Gibson Carrie Ann Inaba

The Evelyn H Squared Ring was seen on TV twice in as many days on Skating With The Stars judge Lauri Ann Gibson and Dancing With The Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba

Burlesque Inspired Jewelry by Michelle Valadon featured on The Jewelry Brief

Michelle Valadon's Burlesque inspired jewelry collection, 'Show A Lil Mystery' was recently featured on The Jewelry Brief

Jewelry Brief Michelle Valadon